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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  January 3, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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themselves where amazon, google, apple, their voice technology has gotten quite good. >> how much data does it have to work with to get that ai better. markets like it. >> up 6.5% today, another win for roku that does it for "closing bell," everybody. you can use your rokus right now to watch "fast money." see you next time. "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's times square i'm melissa lee. tonight on "fast," it's been a wild year for bitcoin, started at about a thousand bucks, ended the year close to 15,000 you won't believe how high one crypto expert believes it's heading in 2018, spencer bogart will be here to explain. plus the bomb cyclone is coming, sounds scary, right? the east coast bracing for a monster storm this week. it's got some stocks catching on fire we'll tell you the names first, stocks at record highs and tech is dominating
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2018 so far. nasdaq closing at another record, it's really the tech underdogs taking over. a number of stocks down double digits over two weeks are surging today. check out oracle, micron, all leaving the charge do these beaten-down names have room to run? which will be the next to break out? >> i think it's micron tim said last night that's the aggressive pick, he liked it, but micron sticks out like a sore thumb micron is trading 6 1/2, 7 times forward earnings they had a great quarter but the stock sold out people are coming to the realization that nand pricing is still in there micron, which went from 36 to 50 seemingly overnight, retraced back to 39 i think if you look at one of those names on that list, micron sticks out to me >> ibm note takers here? >> i actually own ibm but i
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don't believe the story of what i was hearing today. >> you own it! >> i do own it but i don't see the upside of that kind oftrajectory for ibm i still think they have to work through a lot of different things they were talking about everything from valuation. you could have said valuation at any point in time for ibm. they've always been a serial buyback in terms of the stock. what is interesting is they talk about the hybrid cloud, all kinds of different things. >> this is the rbc today >> in terms of ibm to guy's point, valuation, very cheap. they actually have growth. that's the difference between the two. if you say, would you rather, i would definitely say micron. i own both but micron is the better name. >> good for guy, who has been talking about micron for a long time if you look at the numbers they just gave us, they had a chance to give people fresh data points they talked about the pricing guy referred to. their business looks absolutely fine calling these guys the underdogs, i'm going to play some rope-a-dope here. >> i don't even know what that is it's down 10%. oh, i see what you're saying
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>> my point is if you look at how the market has responded, yes, we had seen the rotation into some value and some industrials. what's gotten out of the gates has been high cyclicality, high momentum stocks back in play, nvidia back in play. it looks like there's a lot of capital being allocated. to me, i don't think you believe that two or three days of allocations, because there are people -- >> how to deal with intel as well it's a combination story that's why you saw amd run intel's loss was amd's gain. i do think that has a lot more legs to it micron could be a double from here temperament is set, i said it in avis budget. that one who is temperament >> i don't care what he said about micron >> actually temperament said it was a double so disregard it at 42, it's dram, it's nand.
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you can double from here in micron amd, huge beta >> a huge question as to whether or not you go for the underdogs at this point in time. within tech, should you have rotation in this sector to things that may be relatively cheaper to say the faang names which are all up 50% >> facebook scarce es me, which shouldn't, they've been trading extraordinarily well the story they've been telling for the last three or four years, stocks that will work will continue to work. we talked about salesforce for the last five or six years oracle, you throw that in as well the winners remain winners and these catch-up names will do well for the year. >> cisco, you have a mega cap name that pays a nice div, that offers a valuation argument. again, they've been starting to
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see their gross margins improve, their security businesses are really starting to grow. back to what's also been working over the last couple of days, also the china tech names have worked to me it's the same trade. alibaba went from 170 to 187 in two days this is a very big move. tencent,, big growth, bi multiples. people believe in the full story. >> give me a value play in technology >> microsoft satya nadella, microsoft is at 52-week highs, that name continues to work. because of the fact that they've got such growth, and they're taking away from aws and others that i think that growth in the cloud is something -- they focused on it, they've been doing it, they've been executing. valuation-wise, microsoft is cheap. it's a $100 stock not long from now. >> and you're talking momentum play in tech >> nvidia is always difficult to not be a part of something like that you just talked about some of the chinese names. i think baba is a $200 stock not long from now.
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>> consolidated. >> and consolidated after the big run. >> you have great numbers. >> i agree with that >> and they've questioned those accounting forever it hasn't hurt them. and off of pmi numbers recently, you saw the whole space rally back again it is the beta play. we have faang here, we have s.t.a.b. there >> these china tech names have so many different levers to pull the news on alibaba is they'll be able to monetize and financial, making acquisitions and being accreted you get a lot of play by owning tencent, now the largest stock in the nscim take a look at that one. >> what do you think about the momentum in technology this year >> overall >> overall >> we've talked about that stock that had a nice move to the upside, taking a little bit of a pass here, moving sideways red hat is building a base the momentum for the spaces, you
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can't argue with it. it hasn't been too ridiculous to the upside and you haven't had too many opportunities to buy the tip. the move is impact >> nice haircut. >> it's tight. >> i was going to bring up participation. you of guys talking about the rotation we're seeing, how about participation? the options market was 28% today above normal activity. we were 27 million plus today, it was 17 million average last year, 17 million yesterday 21 plus million today. so the activity levels have been going up, up, up, which tells me a lot about people's belief. >> he sat together with the vix being so low so premiums are really cheap >> premiums are cheap, and it's giving people great opportunities including those who want to take some stock positions off, roll them into options and be able to ride that way. that sets it up for protection and those rules. here is how the index's biggest names have done. amazon seeing the biggest rally,
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up 33%, followed by microsoft, facebook, alphabet, apple, all up 20% or more our next guest says two of these nasdaq heavyweights plus one other tech name could get us to nasdaq 8,000 let's go off the charts with the one and only rich ross hey, rich. >> hey, melissa. the calendar has changed but the game remains the same. the name of the game is to buy big cap technology i've got three great plays for you. it starts right here with nvidia we set it up last week today we knock it out of the park we get the 15% pullback but importantly, we test and hold the moving average that has remained intact. we talk about reimposing your will with the breakout above the 50-day moving average. that sets you up to reclaim the old highs. we're talking about 250, potential upside to 300 over time clearly you're buying nvidia next day, you know it, macy's had its miracle on 34th street,
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but let's get real, let's get back to the big boy, amazon. we saw this trading range breakout and we settle into this pattern. today we break out from that ascending trial. that will take you higher with amazon i've got 1250 with upside to 1400 you're buying amazon no list of tech buys would be complete without the big boy, apple. we've drawn it up many times here textbook, multiple year base of support. you see the big breakout into our favorite continuation pattern, that bull flag. that will take you higher, earnings out the first week in february buy the stock in anticipation of that we're talking about a $1 trillion market cap that gets you to 195, 200. we love technology here. this is the second best month for the nasdaq since inception average return 1.8%. you're buying technology >> come on over, rich ross >> you didn't even ask the rest of us. >> i didn't have to ask. i can do whatever i care to do
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does this imply that the nasdaq chart itself is just as good as apple's? >> the nasdaq itself is impeccable >> impeccable. >> we've had this rotation we talked about in december where tech was sort of pushed aside in favor of some of the short cover in retail and energy it's the best month for the stocks, average gain of 4% what do you do when semis have a pullback you buy semis. the genius of the thing today, melissa, energy is surging tech doesn't get sold. it's surging along with energy what happens when you have guns and butter, not guns or butter you get the super bowl >> and is guns and which are butter >> does it matter? >> i don't know. ive feel like that metaphor went right over my head, i'm not a bright guy >> it's macro 101. brings us back to emory. >> okay. so you had mentioned macy's miracle on 34th street, but
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let's get real i'm asking tim >> all right >> does this imply this run we saw in macy's in the past month or so is over? >> i think at a minimum. these stocks still have a lot of wood to chop when you're talking about these beaten-up retailers. you have to consider, these moves, fantastic as they were, 50% in macy's and kohl's and what have you, you're talking about seiasonality, short covering, these are stocks you want to sell you want to get back to the big boys with the strong fundamentals that's your amazons, your nvidias, your tiffany's. >> is there one space that sticks out to you, if you have the stomach for it, take a roll on this one? are there any charts you can't make out yet but that have tremendous upside or have beta in the space >> we talked about western dig last week. amd, micro some of these chip names, we're getting a little wobble in them
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today. they got a little resurgence with the intel woes, the pain becomes a gain for the rest of the sector you want to make sure the apple-centric chip names hold those key areas of support, they don't want to see that lean. but the backdrop is strong microsoft, the big boys, are in a strong position. >> there's your value call >> there's your value call >> you look at google, 26 times forward earnings, but it's grown at 30% eps growth. it's actually cheap at these levels the one that stands out to me from rich's group is google. >> you see that breakout to 52-week high the weaker dollar, everybody wanted to hammer on technology in december. who is the biggest beneficiary, one of the biggest beneficiaries? big multinational presence, that weak dollar will filter right back in. everybody talked about tax reform, tech not the biggest beneficiary, nobody wanted to talk about repatriation in december they'll talk about the weak dollar, they'll talk about
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repatriation, in the month of january. >> buy, sell, or hold ibm? >> i put that on the butter side but i'm still buying it. >> full squishy. >> a little squishy. >> rich, thank you, rich ross. pete, what did you do today? >> i had to do a couple of things in tech more and more i've been going energy i added xle today because there was massive call buying. still ahead, chaos erupting in d.c. as a war of words between president trump and steve bannon has begun one top strategist says just keep buying. and tesla taking a hit in after hours session. we'll bring you the latest, details next and later, one of the hottest ipos in 2017, canada goose, is heating up in the cold weather. what's with all the hype guy adami takes to the street to find out tethne rht"fast moy"ig afr is try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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we know life can be hectic. that's why, at xfinity, we've been working hard to simplify your experiences with us. now, with instant text and email updates, you'll always be up to date. you can easily add premium channels, so you don't miss your favorite show. and with just a single word, find all the answers you're looking for - because getting what you need should be simple, fast, and easy. download the xfinity my account app or go online today. welcome back we've got a news alert on tesla, reporting on q4 deliveries phil lebeau has more from chicago. >> reporter: it's a disappointment for model 3 in the fourth quarter as well as its production guidance. in terms of deliveries for the fourth quarter, model s and
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model x aren't going to get a lot of attention, they're slightly higher than expected but not a huge increase. but model 3, production -- or i should say deliveries of 1,550 they're continuing to struggle with production bottlenecks. they don't go into details, while announcing they'll be stretching out the guidance for ramping up model 3 productions let's take you back to explain what the previous guidance was previously, the guidance was to build 5,000 model 3's per week by the end of the first quarter. now tesla is saying it will only build 2,500 per week by the end of the first quarter and 5,000 per week by the end of the second quarter so they're essentially stretching out their guidance of what they were going to chevyac by the end of the first quarter, now saying that will not happen until the end of the second quarter. in terms of overall deliveries for 2017, we knew it would be
5:18 pm
around 100,000 vehicles officially the company delivered 101,300 vehicles that's not getting the attention, melissa shares are under pressure after hours because of the fourth quarter deliveries of model 3 were lower than many expected. most were thinking 2,500 to 5,000 model 3's were delivered 1,550 is well below that in addition, stretching out the production schedule into the second quarter may have some analysts taking a look at what we're expecting, do we need to cut our estimates for tesla, at least for the first half of th year >> we're just talking about on "power lunch" to an analyst who slashed his expectation. it seems like they still have a lot of ramp to go. they're saying in the statement that in the last seven working days in the quarter, they hit a production rate which would
5:19 pm
extrapolate to a little more than a thousand units per week i mean, going to 2,500 in the first quarter, that's more than double here. >> reporter: absolutely. absolutely and the wording there is very careful, extrapolates into 1,000 per week they didn't say they hit 1,000 per week they just said the schedule and the production extrapolates into that >> right okay phil, thank you. phil lebeau in chicago >> reporter: you bet this is a stock that has not done too much in the past, what, six, seven months or so. what do we do with it here >> i would push back and say it's done a lot. we had a huge move -- >> six months? >> it moved from 385 down to 28928 292, bounced to 350 a week ago i understand both sides of the equation, people think this is just a car company, this gives them every opportunity to lean into this and short the stock. if they can't sell the stock off on this, for example if it holds this level and starts to bounce back unchanged, i think we
5:20 pm
retest that. >> sorry to cut you off. if you think this is just a car company -- >> i don't, but there are people who do >> these delivery numbers i have to smirk at. am i really surprised they're now moving the 5,000 per week to the last quarter rather than the first quarter in the last few days why even come out with these statements but people want to believe in deliveries ultimately you should not be valuing this as an auto company because it's clearly not -- >> if you're shorted on production numbers, you've gotten slaughtered i would say this stock has a good chance of being positive tomorrow because if they can't push it below 300, the stock rips right back in your face with an over 20% shortage still >> the fact with these numbers, if it's a car company, down 2%, it's ridiculous. so it's a software company more and more, it's proving that out. drama erupting in d.c. as president trump goes on the attack against once-close ally steve bannon will the chaos seep into the
5:21 pm
markets? a top strategist says close your eyes and just keep buying. that's next. i'm melissa lee. you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide meantime here's what else is coming up on fast. >> bitcoin >> bitcoin >> bitcoin >> that's right, more bitcoin. and one top crisountries cryptos the run isn't over yet he'll tell us why he thinks the cryptocurrency could double in 2018 ♪ baby it's cold outside >> the winter freeze is here but a number of stocks are on fire we'll tell you you tell names to heat up your portfolio much more "fast money" right after the break. james r. and associates. anna speaking... ♪ james r. and associates. anna. ♪ [phone ringing] baker architects. this is anna baker. this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but you're ready to bet on yourself today. spend your life living. find an advisor at
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welcome back to "fast money. a wild start to 2018 for president trump, with chaos erupting in washington today trump attacking his former chief strategist steve bannon, saying
5:24 pm
he's lost his mind let's bring in eamon javers in d.c. for the latest. >> reporter: melissa, i think you have to call this a trump camp civil war that exploded today here in washington, d.c. with the release of michael wolff's new book on the first days of the trump white house in d.c. dramatic scenes as recounted by wolff, denied by some, nonetheless causing a political firestorm in washington, d.c we saw the president issue a statement the likes of which few have ever seen here is an excerpt of what the president had to say about steve bannon who is quoted extensively in the book. the president said, he spent his time at the white house leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was. it is the only thing he does well steve was rarely in a one-on-one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence to fool a few people with no access and no clue whom he helped write phony books we also saw the press briefing with sarah huckabee sanders, the press secretary here
5:25 pm
she was asked whether or not the american people should be concerned about the mental fitness of the president of the united states. here is how she responded. >> i think the president, uh, and the people of this country should be concerned about the metal fitness of the leader of north korea. he's made repeated threats he's tested missiles time and time again for years and this is a president who is not going to cower down and is not going to be weak and is going to make sure he does what he's promised to do, stand up and protect the american people. >> reporter: all of this coming on a day after the president gathered the world's attention with a tweet about north korea itself, saying this in a missive last night, north korean leader kim jong un stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that i too have a nuclear button but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works a lot of critics on that tweet,
5:26 pm
saying the president is engaging in unnecessary and childish nuclear brinksmanship with the leader of north korea. the president's defenders in the wake of that said no, he's simply standing up to the leader of north korea and that the previous approach of more docile statements by presidents, to put it that way, what worked that's what sarah huckabee sanders said at the white house today. back over to you >> thank you, eamon javers in d.c. will the d.c. rally derail this rally? tony dwyer says just keep buying he joins us now. happy new year >> happy new year. i'm glad i'm a chief market strategist and not a chief political strategies >> it's a crazy time to be a chief market strategist as well, because basically you have to discount what would have been crazy things happening in d.c. just two years ago >> well, ultimately, and i think that's the most important part
5:27 pm
of investing, is understanding what the ultimate driver of the stock market is. and it is clear over time that it is not political maneuverings, it's credit. and you need a good credit backdrop to fund corporate america, to fund households, and you need a good economy. we have all of those things even globally this is something we haven't had for the prior seven years. 2017 was unique that way so many people ask me, why -- the fed dot plot has been wrong the entire cycle, the market has been right, thinking the fed wouldn't raise i hate the term now that everybody uses, synchronized global recovery, you have a reacceleration in the u.s., capital spending move and a strong u.s. economy. it's a very hard case to make against the market right now >> just give me some context here entering 2017, when the presidency, he wasn't even yet sworn into office at this time a year ago, a lot of things were unknown and people were sort of -- they wanted to wait and see, see what he would do or not
5:28 pm
do >> right >> fast forward to today are you just more comfortable now with -- >> i was high on the street last year in march. if you remember, in march, the market was kind of getting blasted, especially internally, because the trump trade was the trump fade, was the term i think we used on set here. and ultimately it wasn't about -- the 20% tax cut is good, there's no question that's added to the earnings picture in the positive story it was a positive story before then, because again, the credit backdrop is so strong. and as the yield curve flattens, credit accelerates it doesn't get worse people trade that wrong. it accelerates because if i told you that you're going to make a dollar at something, and i told you you're going to make 50 cents at something, you would produce more of it when the yield curve flattens, banks produce more credit. investors use more credit to make the better returns. this whole thing is, to use pete's term, is hashtag giddy-up >> at the risk of getting two deep in the weeds on credit, we all know credit leads equities,
5:29 pm
the debt guys are smarter. we got some loan data this morning that said commercial loans were the lowest in september than they've been all year high yield has been struggling for three or four months now, 2 or 3% off the high in the last couple of days we came out of that shell why is that if this environment is so robust >> you have so many other lending facilities a, you have great cash flow. b, you have a corporate credit market that is on fire, absolute record corporate credit new issuance why are you going to draw down more expensive paper if you can go to the credit markets and get the cheaper paper? there's that and historically, i agree with the premise, tim this is not going to be as low vol a year when you have such a low maximum drawdown, the next year sees more volatility but more upside. in the last two occurrences, 1995, you only had a 2.5% maximum drawdown that was the beginning of the second half of the '90s run. that wasn't a sign that it was over then let's go to 2013, the same
5:30 pm
kind of thing. just over a 5% maximum drawdown. the next year, you saw increased volatility but a double digit return so i'm at 3100 for next year you say guys know, i have not been trying to be the biggest bull i think that's a marketing kind of bs move but when i look at the reasoning behind it, i'm having a hard time saying, you want to fade the market for anything other than a temporary trade you just can't -- there's no delinquencies picking up the default rate assumptions aren't picking up. you still have a positively sloped curve now you have a real ramp in earnings that are going to help m&a, capped spending, household worth. i don't want to get too giddy. >> but you are, and you are the biggest bull on wall street. >> if you follow 1995, we're replicating 1996 you had a 1.5% move in the first three days, this one a 4% drop, followed by a real ramp. i could easily see something like that happening. >> tony, good to see you, thank you. tony dwyer what did you do today? >> for me, when you look at
5:31 pm
everything performing, whether it was the leaders or the laggards performing, there's a lot of this to what tony was just talking about, but it's passive investing too. you have massive amounts of money being put into etfs. i would stale loy long in the ma caps, as we talked about at the beginning of the show. i'm not convinced about energy just yet >> the fed is much more important. i think the inflation numbers we got out of europe on friday are a little concerning. i think the industrial numbers are just staggering. and i would go the other way on energy i think energy is totally working. i think the mlps, look at the breakout in the oih. these are valuations, you don't buy commodities when they're cheap, you buy commodity equities when the valuations start to look rich the energy sector has totally lagged >> the president says he has a big button that works, and he doesn't. the vix closes at 9. >> big button. >> it works too.
5:32 pm
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welcome back to "fast money. after bitcoin's meteoric rise last year, watchers are trying to predict the next big move in
5:35 pm
the space. seema mody has more. >> reporter: hi, melissa a group of experts say bitcoin is headed higher in 2018 but those forecasts are contingent on certain things happening. bespoke investments sees bitcoin trading in the 30 to $40,000 range if certain upgrades are made including a lightning network which they say will improve bitcoin trade. if it doesn't, bitcoin could drop below 10,000. fundst fundstrat predicts the surgery in activity will continue. aside from the cboe and cme futures, nasdaq is expected to unveil its bitcoin contract in the next three months. that could increase the pool of investors. the other forecast is from blockchain capital's spencer bogart, who sees north of $20,000 if millenials open accounts, although he sees bitcoin surpassing $50,000 if both retail and institutional investors buy into the
5:36 pm
cryptocurrency in 2018 we'll all be focused, melissa, on where bitcoin goes here don't dismiss the second tier cryptocurrencies which are quickly catching up in value ripple surpassing ethereum with a market cap of $114 billion back to you. >> thank you very much, seema mody one of the bitcoin bulls that seema just mentioned joins us now, spencer bogart joins us from san francisco welcome to fast money. >> thanks so much for having me. >> when you say 50,000 if there's retail participation as well as institutional participation, what are you waiting to see in terms of the floodgates from institutional money? and do you think we're getting closer to that at this point >> sure. if we focus on the institutional side of the equation here, look, institutional ownership is still effectively zero percent there's a lot of room for upward movement here. the drawbridge s for institutional pools of capital have just been lowered
5:37 pm
if you think about ledger x, cboe, cme, this is only the first round of products for a brand-new asset class. if institutional players want to play in this market, they'll dip their toe in the water or wait on the sidelines to see if the products themselves function this is a first round of product set that's going to evolve and mature and eventually become a deep market. >> in terms of institutional participation, though, we need to see institutions participate in the underlying for your forecast of 50k to hit in the next year? >> i don't think so. i think there will be a natural trickle-down for now, institutional players are fairly relegated to the derivatives markets, just giving the underlying spot, bitcoin is a little bit of an exotic product for most institutional investors. >> what are your forecasts for some of the other coins out there? is bitcoin the biggest percent
5:38 pm
gainer according to your forecast or are there others we should be watching >> you know, i would be most focused on bitcoin in 2018 listen, i can't tell you exactly what's going to tell you with price and neither can anybody. when i look out over the next 12 months, i see a significant demand/supply imbalance that will have to force price higher, right? if you think about the supply size of that equation, the majority of bitcoin is locked down with long term holders. there's not a lot of supply available. meanwhile we have this new uptick on the retail side. so again, according to a survey conducted at the end of october by harris poll, less than 2% of people in the states own any bitcoin. but 19% of people have said they're likely to buy in the next five years. that would be a 10x increase in adoption right there if we double-click and zoom into that 19% number, 2% of millenials indicate they're likely to buy bitcoin in the next five years. when i think about what are likely good indicators of future
5:39 pm
technology trends, i pick younger demographics over older demographics every time. again, there's a strong indication on the retail side as well as the institutional side that's not to dismiss the market today. but i would like to see more traction in the actual market for any of the other coins before getting excited about current valuations >> a call for 50,000 is a tremendous one, spencer. at blockchain capital, you guys invest in companies. you've invested in more than 22 companies including coinbase and cold storage as well if you had to invest in a company using blockchain technology or bitcoin itself, what's the better bet? >> we do both, we invest in equity companies and in the tokens it remains to be seen. there's certainly a thesis that suggests that a lot of the value accrues to the underlying protocols like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, et cetera.
5:40 pm
there's a lot of value to the businesses built on top of these networks the ripples of the world, coinbases of the world, are worth significant capital right now. >> does coinbase's valuation go down, the more outages it sees or the more allegations of insider trading? are you worried that millenials, which are a distrustful lot, as i understand, themselves, you get frustrated when you have to wait to transfer money from your bank account into a coinbase account, to take days to clear, in an environment where it takes minutes to clear any tractinsacn out there. >> absolutely. listen, outages are obviously not a good thing it's certainly not what coinbase is vying for, nor the experience they want to create. that said, we should be reminded that these outages are a direct result of very large trading volumes, very large new account openings, and in general just a lot of interest from new users in the platform. so again, it's an indicator of success, i would say, as opposed to a harbinger of its downfall
5:41 pm
>> spencer, we'll leave it there, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. spencer bogart of blockchain capital. >> thanks for having me. >> as of december 10th, most people thought ripple was a great song by the grateful dead at 23 cents. >> guy still thinks that. >> it's half the market value of bitcoin. spencer's thesis is that larger pools will attract larger players. so far i think that's largely true at three times bitcoin, that gets you to 50 grand where is a lot of these things are doing three times in a couple of days clearly people are rolling down, i think, with a lot of their investments and putting a portfolio effect as you said, those that are building on top of the platform seem to be the ones that actually are more valuable and i would agree. >> did he answer your question whether or not it was the technology or -- >> he said they do both. >> right >> they've got funds >> i would put it in the would you rather sort of carrying, because i don't think he answered that.
5:42 pm
he doesn't have a preference that surprised me. >> overstock is the way i play it everyone looks at this as an e-commerce business. it was up 10% today. this will be over a hundred dollars in the name easily still ahead, a monster storm set to wreak havoc on the east coast this week is heating up a number of stocks plus a war of words brewing between chip makers intel and advanced micro who is right we've got those details when "fast money" returns many small businesses, from kitchens to factories to contractors, rely on their equipment to serve customers every day. when equipment is broken, it means lost revenue. trusted choice independent insurance agents
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5:45 pm
a war of words brewing between intel and amd. josh lipton has more on the developing story from san francisco. >> reporter: in the after hours, intel and amd are doing just what they did all day long, moving in different directions intel moving lower after finishing the day down more than 3%, but well off the lows. the stock was dragged lower by these reports this morning of a big security vulnerability intel's ceo spoke exclusively on cnbc, making the case that his company isn't alone, that many other companies' processors are also potentially vulnerable. >> i can't tell you exactly on the other guys, on the other products, exactly which ones are affected but definitely most of the modern high performance processors that you're seeing in your leading edge products
5:46 pm
across that array that you talked about, phones, pcs, everything, are going to have some impact. >> reporter: amd, though, out with a statement of its own, suggesting that it isn't very vulnerable at all, saying due to differences in amd's architecture, we believe there say near zero risk to amd processors at this time. amd moving higher after finishing the day up 5%. importantly, the intel ceo told cnbc intel found no instances of anybody actually taking advantage of this exploit and says the company now has the right fixes in place, melissa. back to you. >> thank you very much, josh lipton pete najarian, what do you make of this? quite a spat here. >> yeah, and not totally unusual, they've had spats in the past on all kinds of different issues any time intel has a pullback like this, when i look at valuation, when i look at all the different areas, obviously the acquisitions they made over the last couple of years, i looe
5:47 pm
mid-teens, i like the direction this company is going in >> security isn't an issue >> it is an issue, it's an issue for a lot of folks out there >> it doesn't mean amd can't go up with intel bouncing this could be a chance for amd, a much smaller market player, to grab the opportunity and change the status or horizon. they were recently a $14 name, they're trading around 12 bucks right now. probably still a nice upside for amd. >> would you rather. >> it's more positive for amd than it is negative for intel. so if you're asking me to play the game >> i am. i just did >> look, there's no way this can go on for ten years. with this just coming out now, i'm sorry, i'm buying intel on weakness >> giddy-up indeed >> ka-ching, ka-ching. mike khouw is here with "options action. >> we saw a great deal of
5:48 pm
"options action" with both these names. intel traded seven times it's average daily put volume the most active of those were the january 43 puts over 7,000 of home to traded for just over a quarter. so buyers of those are making bets that intel could drop by about 5% in a little over two weeks. amd buy contrast seeing a great deal of bullish bets and implied volatility, the price of options on intel, has more than doubled now since the end of november on this. >> pete? >> i'm wondering, i think mike would agree with me, when you see that kind of put activity, is that a negative or is that somebody buying protection knowing this stock has moved to the upside and i have protection to the downside. cost me 25 cents i like that. >> thanks, mike khouw in tampa check out the full "options action" show, friday, 5:30 p.m. eastern time coming up, the bomb cyclone, set to slam the east coast, sending a chill across the u.s but it's giving a boost to cold
5:49 pm
weather stocks ads e yi neshe whicham t trerarbung is this a phone?
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or a little internet machine? it makes you wonder: shouldn't we get our phones and internet from the same company? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to the east coast bracing for a massive winter storm, being
5:52 pm
called the bomb cyclone. heavy snow expected from maine down to florida, likely bringing severely frigid temperatures and gale force winds demand for natural gas is expected to rise some stocks getting a boost. winter clothing maker canada goose up 20%, lowe's and hope depot higher netflix seeing a bump as more people stay home and order a pizza, netflix and chill or however that goes. will these stocks continue to heat up? >> i think they have a lot of runway ahead of them netflix makes sense, momentum names. domino's for obvious reasons, people will be sitting home. southwestern energy, swn, that's the real play. you need another blast of cold air before this becomes a sell on the news event. you need another storm after this one to make it a buyable event. >> i don't get this whole netflix thing. i get it, people staying --
5:53 pm
>> stay-cation >> aren't they already paying for a subscription or is there a thought that people are starting a subscription because it's cold outside? otherwise a stock run because of the cold doesn't make any sense. >> i don't know whether it's all weather-related for netflix. >> netflix has had a big move a few days ago, nothing to do with this so-called cyclone bomb. this is a great exercise i mean, the canadian goose thing i'm going to buy in full steam >> it's canada goose >> whatever. but bottom line here is i do think home depot and lowe's are buys, not because of the storm >> it's canada goose, one of the best performing companies last year i said, who buys these coats from 900 to a dime, a thousand dollars, that's crazy. what's out there, new york city's times square. i went out there, and what did i do >> guy in the street >> i did a little goose hunting. check this out ♪
5:54 pm
♪ >> you see me right there? i see one over there [ quack let's find some more a brown goose. [ quack an olive goose [ quack very rare in these parts and camouflage to boot a mother and child goose [ quack quack a blue goose let's sneak up on it a blue goose and a black goose [ quack quack very rare. >> i like how the kid just shook you off. >> didn't know what to do with you. >> i scared some people, they ran away >> i would too i run away from you on a daibas.
5:55 pm
>> i don't need canada goose i'm naturally warm >> good thing you didn't wear that quilted jacket. >> the bedspread >> folks, guy wears a bedspread, it's lovely, but it belongs on his bed. >> this canada goose, 800 to $1,000 or up >> you are talking about the upper end, high end luxury if we're in that society, which i do think we are, you talk about global strength, i think that does play into what you're seeing out there i'm surprised you didn't see more >> how about, grasso >> it's aspirational at best >> there's like ten of them in times square out the front door. >> it is crazy, to your point, how expensive these jackets are. and they're everywhere, every age. you said it, it was a mother and daughter, wearing these -- canadian or canada >> nobody can get the name right. >> i get it right. temperamental. >> ultimately this comes down to
5:56 pm
valuation. we've seen this so many times, these fads these companies have a great product, that clearly is, certainly looks warm but ultimately, what are you going to pay for it? you get to a place where these things start to become ubiquitous if there's a camo goose out there, we're starting to get ubiquitous >> it's cold for the cameraman she wanted me to put on her canada goose >> that was dumb you had no jacket. >> there are fugazi canada goose jackets. just saying. next, grasso is doubling down on one stock that's up nearly 200%. he'll give us the name when we come right back. see that's funny, i thought you traded options. i'm not really a wall street guy. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that.
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final trade, pete. >> energy, halliburton, big buyers again today, it's going higher, giddy-up >> emerging markets are going up >> grasso? >> the stock i'm doubling down on is square, you've heard me mention it before.
6:00 pm
the credit suisse bubble popped, now it's ramping up again. >> be safe in that store there, mel. >> bomb cyclone. >> bomb cyclone. micron is a bomb cyclone that's a good thing. i'll tell you what happens afterwards i'm melissa lee, thanks fo ♪ my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica other people want to make friend, we just want to make you some money my job is not just to entertain, but to educate and teach you so call me at 800-743-cnbc. how many times have i told you that the


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